Patio Landscaping – Ideas For Gardening Around Patios

Do you need an excuse to grow some beautiful plants and flowers? Or maybe you want a bit of privacy when you are outside relaxing on your patio? Patio landscaping can have a dual purpose, which means your outdoor space can be beautiful and relaxing.

However, patio landscaping can also be quite challenging if you don’t know what you are doing. A couple of carefully selected plants can make a significant difference.

Now, let’s check out a few ideas that will help you make your patio more beautiful.

Great ideas for patio garden

Patio Garden
Patio Garden

Invest in natural beauty

You don’t have to make a tropical island out of your patio. Instead, focus on simpler and smaller things. For instance, you can surround your outdoor space with small beds filled with flowers and shrubs. Then sit back and relax and enjoy this simple beauty. You can opt for planters and raised beds as well.

Go for greens

Did you know that an evergreen screen will not only provide you with privacy but ensure you have a green and lovely patio all year round? For this occasion, you can plant cedar, arborvitae, or Chinese juniper. Japanese garden juniper is another low-growing, beautiful shrub.

Shady landscaping around patio

If you want to accomplish a peaceful and cool atmosphere in your patio, make sure to fill beds with foliage plants. A lot of them include ferns and hosta and are ideal for those shady spots.

Motion and color

Ornamental grass is one of the best plants you could have on your patio. It offers you a feeling of privacy and a diverse range of colors all year round. You could also add purple fountain grass, autumn moor grass, blue oat grass, maiden grass, sheep grass, and ribbon grass to this mix.

Tropical garden

Now we come to a bit of a complicated part. First of all, if you want to have a tropical garden, you need to live in a warm climate because plants you intend to grow love high temperatures. In this case, look for plants that are bold in colors like coral, orange, yellow, red, or deep green. Some of the popular plants include celosia, New Zealand flax, a bird of paradise, sweet potato vine, elephant ear.


If you love cooking, there is nothing better than growing culinary herbs on your patio. They are attractive, easy to grow, and don’t require a lot of care, but they do demand plenty of sunlight.

Choose the right tree

Big plants can cause big problems, and trees are the biggest landscape plants, so you need to consider a couple of things when planting trees.

For example, if you want to plant a shade tree in your patio, go for three at intermediate heights when reaching maturity. Also, don’t plant trees that have an aggressive root system and pick trees that are relatively easy to clean to minimize maintenance.

Japanese maples are trees of intermediate height and can be a good solution for your patio. Also, keep in mind that some plants are better or worse than others for growing near patios and septic tanks because of their root system.

Also, there is an issue whether these trees are messy and would you have to clean a lot. For instance, Eastern white pine is the messiest tree out there, and you will get pine pitch all over everything. On the other hand, we have Sunburst honey locust, which is relatively messy-free.

How to plant near patios
How to plant near patios

How to plant near patios?

When you are landscaping around deck and patio, there are a couple of things you need to consider:

Don’t plant thorny plants, especially if you have children and pets. Many people decide to plant agaves, but they don’t consider sharp tips that are like knives. You should remove spiny cacti from patios as well.

On the other hand, you should plant a jasmine tree and enjoy this fragrant plant near your patio. Its sweet aroma will make you open your windows on warm summer days.

Make sure to focus on plant size and avoid large plants that require a lot of maintenance. Also, solar lights are a fun way to add interest to your patio.